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Bodog Casino and Perfect Pairs Blackjack

There are five different variations of blackjack available to players at Bodog Casino, and one of the most popular is known as Perfect Pairs. In a nutshell, the game follows the same basic rules as standard blackjack but comes with a slight twist. It is played with six traditional decks of 52 cards and is brought to players via RealTime Gaming software. The variation is that players can win extra money by placing a side bet on Perfect Pairs. Bodog Casino does not provide any additional instruction, so the only way to learn the basics is to simply play the game, play blackjack online on our website

Many players take to Perfect Pairs because the payout for winning the side bet is 25 to one, but the house edge is extremely high. This means that the likelihood of actually winning the bet is so slim that players may be essentially throwing their money away. A Perfect Pair consists of two of the exact same cards--meaning the same face value and same suit--on the first deal. This is possible because there are six decks in play at any given time, so there is six of each card in the deck. While this may sound promising, it should be considered that there are 312 cards in the deck.

The odds of winning at Perfect Pairs blackjack at Bodog Casino may be quite small, but players still flock to this variant in order to spice things up when standard blackjack becomes mundane. Players are not required to place a secondary bet on Perfect Pairs and may instead play blackjack as usual. Should players want to place a bet on the Pairs, they will make two separate wagers at the start of the game--one on the standard hand of blackjack and another on perfect pairs. Players may also try out a free version of this game at Bodog Casino in their browsers.