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Blackjack Guide

WagerWorks is a software development company which regularly comes up with different variations of casino games. One of its variant of blackjack is the Double attack blackjack. This game is offered in only those casinos that run on their company software. So let this blackjack guide explain a couple of things about Double attack blackjack game.

In this game, the dealer's up card is dealt first. The player has to double his bet amount before he sees his cards. Let this blackjack guide tell you a couple of interesting features about this game. This game of blackjack is played with 8 Spanish decks. All the 10's are removed in this game from the decks. The dealer stands soft on 17 and they have an option of taking a look for blackjack, before the player can make any move.

According to the blackjack guide, a player can make a double attack on any set of two or more than two cards. This blackjack guide also says that the player can double up a split except in case of aces. When a player splits two aces, he gets an additional card. Besides this a hand of two or more than two cards can be surrendered if the player wishes. This blackjack guide will also tell you that the players can draw up to eight cards and they can surrender them after a double down. If a player has a hand total of less than 21 and the dealer does not have a blackjack then the player wins automatically. According to this blackjack guide, an insurance of the players first bet is placed if the first dealt up card is an ace. So you can see from the rules itself that Double Attack blackjack is a marvelous game. So why not go and try it out.